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      No Innovation, No Vitality

        Global R & D Center
          Innovation is the forever theme for corporate development. Without scientific and technological innovation, there would be no core competence.
          Wanfeng brought in leading technical experts included in the national “Thousand Talents Plan” and among global high-end technological talents, to make technical and technological breakthroughs in developing new products, new technologies, new techniques. Thus, Wanfeng is able to possess industrial core technologies, industrial and market discourse power, and enjoys strong core competence in international arena.
          Till the year 2015, Wanfeng Group has applied for 929 patents with 708 authorized. In November 2014, Wanfeng was among the first batch to get the National Intellectual Property Rights Management System authentification.

        ■ China Society of Automotive Engineers, vice chairman of the unit
        ■ Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society assistant manager unit length
        ■ Automobile Association vice chairman of the Committee wheel industry
        ■ China Foundry Machinery Foundry Association vice president of branch units
        ■ National Society of die-casting unit, Vice General Secretary
        ■ Magnesium Branch of China Nonferrous Metals Society, vice chairman of the unit
        ■ China Robot Industry Association governing units
        ■ robotic automation equipment drafting of national standards
        ■ Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society of Professional Committee, deputy director of Foundry Machinery Unit
        ■ National Standard Authority metal casting machinery Branch Secretary thermoforming unit

      Wanfeng Central Research

      •        Wanfeng Academia Sinica to enhance capability of independent innovation as the core, increase investment, the team cited education, infrastructure, and improve the mechanism to promote transformation. Improve the mechanism to ensure funding, construction team, improve basic conditions and technical problems reserves, increase production to achieve efficiency, innovation and efficiency, innovation team, economic efficiency, quality and efficiency, the docking between government and enterprises, the transformation, science and technology management.
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      •        Research Test Center: forward-looking technology research, study common problems and key technologies.
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      •        Technology Incubation Center: R & D results to hatch mature after transfection of each industry sector for development.
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      •        Technology Management Center: perfect innovation system, improve the innovative mechanisms to plan ahead, after follow-up assessment, good government and enterprises docking.
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      •        Center for Quality Management: Wanfeng to build high-standard quality system and improve customer satisfaction.


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