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      No Brand, No Life

          After twenty years of meticulous care, Wanfeng Brand has won China Top Brand, Famous Trademark of China and National Quality Award. Looking ahead, all Wanfeng people will continue to make excellent products, excel in management and strengthen the brand further, so as to raise social awareness, closeness to customers, market reputation and industrial influence. In this way, Wanfeng could realize the maximization of intangible asset value and market customer service optimization, while promoting corporate core competence and the industrial brand from China to the world.

      The two ears of wheat symbolize good harvest. In the center of the Wanfeng logo is the Greek letter “W”, representing the combination of Chinese and western cultures, integrating internationalization, following the trend of openness, and the ongoing change and development of the era. The “F” in Wanfeng Jinyuan logo means financial and the standard red color signalling the professional strength and the cohesiveness of Wanfeng Jinyuan.

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