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      Where there is culture, there is a soul.

      • • Vision:to be recognized globally and become a long standing enterprise
      • • Mission:to provide exceptional quality products for clients
      • • Value:always create value; that is the way to consistently contribute to the society
      • • Goals:to be strong, to be reputable, to be remembered for centuries
      • • Work Ethics:seek truth in the facts and work hard with efficiency and persistence
      • • Guidelines:professionalism, teamwork, pragmatism, innovation and learning
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      Wanfeng spirit teaches people how to behave, Wanfeng philosophy teaches people how to handle things, and Wanfeng system teaches the basic code of conduct for its employees.


      The Wanfeng culture is the soul of Wanfeng,Wanfeng has an excellent leadership team that absorbs the collective wisdom of its employees, combines it with the unique culture of Wanfeng, and spit it out to lead the team with powerful motivation efficiently and effectively.


      Wanfeng Business School


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      The wild horse training of Wanfeng Business School is one of the major means to communicate Wanfeng corporate culture. The training targets mainly the talented employees, has corporate culture as the main theme and military training as the means, so as to cultivate the growth force that understand deeply and actually promote and practise Wanfeng culture.


      The wild horse training has been the cradle for the cultivation of reserve cadres of Wanfeng, thus is also named the “Huangpu Military Academy” of Wanfeng.


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