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      Ailian Chen, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wanfeng Auto Holding Group and Chairman of the Board

      • Party representative for the 17th CPC National Congress
      • Representative of the 12th National People’s Congress
      • Vice President of the Zhejiang Association of Industry and Commerce
      • Member of Shaoxing City People’s Congress Standing Committee
      • Member of Xinchang County Party Committee
      • China Management Master
      • National Outstanding Entrepreneur
      • Outstanding Practitioner of National Socialism in China
      • Member of the Specialized Sub-committee for Non-public Sector in National Party Building Research Committee
      • National Pacesetter for Women
      • Top 10 Outstanding Women; Most Influential Businesswoman in Zhejiang
      • Vice President of the China Enterprise Confederation
      • Executive Vice President of Zhejiang’s Chamber of Commerce- Shanghai
      • Chairmen of the Shanghai Women Entrepreneurs Association

      Words from Chairman of the Board:

      Concluding the past, we have been harvesting greatly. Viewing the present, we are progressing steadily. Looking into the future, we are filled with pride and enthusiasm.


      We will continue on the road of advanced manufacturing professionalism. Driven by innovation, we are upgrading from auto parts and new material magnesium alloy industries to strategic emerging industries like general aviation, intelligent equipment, and hi-tech military industry. We will further our internationalization, utilizing capital market platform to integrate global quality resources. Always abiding by laws, we will build an excellent Wanfeng fulfilling its social responsibilities. It is only by fostering the group company to be the top elite and professional, the strong and longlasting, that we could realize our strategic goal of building an international brand and a company for hundred years long. Every progress, build-up and leap involves love, care and support from our clients, leadership and every sector of the society. “It is only by constant improving of our values that we could contribute to the community”. We will always keep our gratefulness and respect, while carrying the five aspects of responsibilities and missions the history endows: providing quality products to our customers, paying more taxes to the country, improving life quality for our employees, increasing investment return for our stock-holders, and proactively taking social responsibilities. “Work with joy, and live with happiness”. People of Wanfeng will be devoted to realizing corporate sustainable development, adding effort to rejuvenating local economy and realizing the great Chinese Dream.


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