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      Private joint-stock large-scale international industrial enterprises

      A large private joint-stock internationalized industrial enterprises

      Wanfeng Group is a large private stock enterprise with international business centering on advanced manufacturing. Since the establishment, it follows the business philosophy of constant improving values and consistently giving back to the society. Its business areas include auto parts, general aviation, intelligent equipment, financial investment, etc.
      Wanfeng sets its mission and responsibility as developing real industries to strengthen the nation, pledging to build an international brand and sustain a long-lasting enterprise. Till now, it has created multiple “champions”: aluminum wheels and magnesium alloy projects have been leading the industries globally; the environment-friendly surface treatment and intelligent robot projects are leading in the industries domestically. Through strategic cooperation with international high-end brands, it has production bases and global R&D centers in 12 countries including the U.S.,



      Canada, Britain, India, Mexico, Czech, etc. and realized the five internationalization of capital, management, science and technology, brands and talents. Thus, it contributed to the realization of its vision of “Becoming Top 100 Company, Winning 100 Honors, Lasting for 100 years”, rejuvenating the national economy, promoting industrial progress, and developing the society.

      Wanfeng Group adheres to the “scientific and technological innovation is the eternal theme of enterprise development.” The company took the lead in building state-level enterprises that includes technical centers, academic workstations, and post-doctoral workstations in the industry in order to develop long-term partnerships with organizations such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Academy of Engineering. In recent years, the company has organized and carried out 960 projects including a pair of high importance projects, 48 National Torch Projects, 106 provincial projects, and 615 patents, including one that was to draft the international and national standards amendments.

      The Wanfeng Group has built its brand and image following a “six element” principle:
      1.Product quality, as the core
      2.Intellectual property, as the connotation
      3.Advertising, as the support
      4.Corporate image, as the attraction
      5.User affinity, as the source
      6.Market share, as the goal
      Within the past 20 years, Wanfeng has won awards such as “China Top Brand,” “China Export Brand,” and “China National Quality Award.” Today, the company has become a high-end brand with long-term strategic partnerships worldwide.
      The future strategic objectives from China famous brand to the world famous brand.


      Wanfeng group believes that having a good company culture is the “soul of the company.” Hence, Wanfeng has built an intricate culture within the company, comprising of three categories: the Spirit of Wanfeng, the Philosophy of Wanfeng, and the System of Wanfeng. This helps build a spirit of leadership and spread of wisdom throughout Wanfeng’s employees. In addition, as a representative of the 17th CPC National Congress, Wanfeng has resolved to fulfill two objectives proposed by the provincial government: to strengthen company development, and to strengthen the development of the Communist Party of China. The company has turned these goals into a foundation for building a vigorous and happy enterprise. Wanfeng has been honored with many honorary titles such as the Provincial Advanced Party Organization, National Advanced Unit of Spiritual Civilization Development, Home of the National Exemplary Workers, and National Civilized Unit.


      In the past, Wanfeng did wonderfully building up the company; in the present, Wanfeng is established as a stable and robust company; in the future, Wanfeng will continue to develop and grow, becoming ever the more brilliant. With the Chinese government focusing on the development of solar energy, Wanfeng has the chance to seize this opportunity to develop itself and interject into the alternative energy automotive industry. With a strong scientific development as a guide, industrial operations as its foundation, and devoted support from capital platforms, Wanfeng is on track to achieve its vision of “Top 100 company, 100 honor, 100 years” and make a great contribution to the revitalization of the local economy, continuing to promote the progress of the industry and social development.



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