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      WAN / FENG

      ■ Optimized Work Environment: We provide opportunity for unlimited promotions and a platform for students and staffs to display their own unique talent, allowing them a chance to flourish unrestricted. However, we abide by the principle that states “take advantage of the individuals that exhibit excellence, replace those who are only average, and relieve the rest.”


      People oriented


      “The team can be limitless in power compared to the individual.” Each team has created the splendidness of today and will continue to deliver a prosperous tomorrow. Wanfeng incorporates talents with an open and inclusive culture, to let all talents with insights and ambition creat values, fulfill themselves and contribute their values. All talents will work with joy in the joint creation, building and sharing process and enjoy happy lives.


      ■ Talent Recruitment Strategy: We will implement the “135 Talent Search.” The goal is to find 100 degreed professionals, 300 vocational individuals, and a total of 500 excellent individuals to join our team.


      ■ Optimized Strategy for Recruiting: We plan to recruit over 200 graduates from such schools as Fudan University, Zhejiang University, and others. We will follow the guiding principles that students must first and foremost demonstrate good morals and abilities in their respective fields, as well as being susceptible to internal training.


      ■ Optimized Training System: We believe that studying is just a starting point for staff progress while in-depth training is the foundation of an enterprise’s development. Therefore, we are prepared to send select management staff to Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Fudan University for advanced study and training for EMBA and MBA. The estimated training expense for each year is estimated to be over 6 million RMB.



      ■ Strategy for Retaining Talent: In order to retain the individuals who provide value to the company, we strive to solve any issues that may arise among our staff quickly and effectively. We reward outstanding cadres and staff with vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW. We recognize those who exhibit outstanding characteristics, as well as those who are determined to be a “good wife, mother, good husband, father” as well as children who exhibit all the characteristics that Wanfeng value in an individual (known as “Wanfeng Children”). By doing this every year, the enterprise culture is deepened into every family.




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