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      No Strategy, No Direction

          Wanfeng keeps the same pace with the nation to produce company strategies every five years and then decomposes them into annual plans.Company work is carried out according to the three doctrines of the Annual Plan, Management System and VI Standards.
          Guiding philosophy is: upholding the ideal of rejuvenating the country through developing industries; following the belief of always creating values to give back to the society; the prospect is to build international brands and a long-lasting enterprise; the goal is to work with joy and to live with happiness; always putting people first, ruling by the law, leading with information, driven by innovation; combining industrial capital and public company platform capital, we build ourselves into a globally leading international group enterprise in advanced manufacturing industry in grand transportation field.

          Five responsibilities:return for investors; realizing corporate sustainable development; following national tax laws; improving employees’ life quality; taking social responsibility.

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