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      Property Company
      WAN / FENG

      Zhejiang Wanfeng Ltd


            Wanfeng buyers rely on Industrial plates born to follow "the Wanan home, Fengle Yongnian" business philosophy to "doing fine brand engineering, and stronger industry works, so long enterprise engineering" as guidance, from residential to high-end commercial plaza, based on local development of the surrounding, the radiation, and strive to create a set of development, design, construction, property services as an integrated real estate development group, compose music harmony between man and nature.

      Wanfeng Square


      Located in Xinchang Qixing District Riverside Road, Wanfeng response is to build county government headquarters economy product, is the Group headquarters, office buildings, multi-functional banquet hall, conference, catering and other functions as one of the commercial complex, height of 99.9 meters.

      Xinchang Riverside plate as the core of a landmark, become Xinchang city landmark, opened the prelude to the bustling city.

      Wanfeng · camphor mansion


      Located in Xinchang Qixing District Riverside Road on the south side, and into the new road on the eastern side. The total land area of about 76 acres, facing the Xinchang River, unobscured, beautiful river view at a glance. Residential atmosphere overall planning, design, high starting point, good quality of living, called Xinchang rare truly international quality, low density, ecology, landscape noble community.

      The entire project is the most attractive place in the southwest side of the project has seven hundred years old camphor, are retained the original ecology and ancient camphor side group planning a sunken landscape Leisure Square, as residential property owners place to relax. Residential architectural style is neo-classical style, as high-end crowd meet Xinchang living product, so that the river view, garden view double one, allow each person to understand life, are comfortable easily choose their own residence, taking into account the quality and quality of life.

      Wanfeng rose garden


      Jilin City, Jilin Matthey Ltd adhere to the development with the resonance frequency, focus on the construction of high-end eco-living project, focus on quality business leads, always been committed to research and development and sales of high-end residential products, and strive for the high-end crowd Jiangcheng tailored livable US house.

      Wanfeng · Fengzeyuan


      located in Hi-Tech Toys Wanfeng Park, Wanfeng employees residential projects. Project covers an area of 105 acres to build a modern integrated ecological planning goal, to create a reasonable layout, complete functions, convenient transportation, green, easy life, cultural connotation cells. Jane European style residential building, the central axis of the landscape across the north and south, from south to north the landscape set up three groups, namely Versailles Square, Monet impression plaza, the Champs Elysees Plaza. In order to enrich employees amateur life, cell design a large area of the basketball court, badminton court and library staff in his spare time to keep fit, rich spiritual life.


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